Fourth Dynamic Syntax Conference, Oxford, May 22-23 2020

We are delighted to announce that the fourth Dynamic Syntax Conference will be held in Oxford, UK on 22nd - 23rd May 2020.

Call for abstracts:
Dynamic Syntax is a grammar formalism that directly models the dynamics of parsing and production in real-time. On this view, linguistic knowledge is the ability to process (parse and produce) language, incrementally, in context, where syntax is recast as sets of constraints on the incremental building up of semantic and contextual representations from words encountered in a linguistic string.

The 4th Dynamic Syntax Conference will bring together those using Dynamic Syntax in their research, as well as those interested in the empirical, computational, or theoretical issues surrounding Dynamic Syntax and its use.  We also especially welcome papers that engage with issues relating to parsing-based approaches to the representation of natural language, incremental systems of grammar, and/or the syntax-semantics and syntax-pragmatic interfaces, as well as papers that compare other formalisms to Dynamic Syntax (formal properties, problematic phenomena, etc).

Anonymous abstracts of up to 500 words (including references) can be submitted via easychair:

Important dates:
    Abstract submission: February 26th 2020 March 2nd 2020
    Notification to authors: March 4th 2020 March 12th 2020
    Conference dates: May 22nd-23rd 2020

Organising committee
    Jieun Kiaer (local organiser)
    Miriam Bouzouita
    Hannah Gibson
    Christine Howes


Third Dynamic Syntax Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the Third Dynamic Syntax Conference, hosted by The Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology at the University of Malta Valletta Campus on the 16th and 17th of May 2019.

Abstracts are available at the conference website:



Dynamic Syntax Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended for making the first Dynamic Syntax conference a success!

We will be in touch with everyone shortly about a possible journal special issue and anything else that came up.

If you wish to be included on the DS mailing list and are not already on it, please e-mail us at

Please let us know if there are things you would like to see here - and we will do our best to make it happen.

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PhD course on Dynamic Syntax in Bergen (May 4-7 2020)

The University of Bergen in Norway is hosting a PhD course on Dynamic Syntax from May 4-7, 2020. Dynamic Syntax is a grammar formalism which aims to capture the real-time parsing/production of language. The course will be of particular interest to those working in syntax, semantics and the syntax-semantics interface, as well as natural language modelling and computational linguistics, but is open to all!

This course is being funded by the Norwegian Graduate Researcher School in Linguistics and Philology (LingPhil).

Any interested PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher who is currently enrolled or employed at a university is welcome to register and take part in the course. All participants who attend the course and complete the written and oral assignment will be awarded 5 ECTS. Participants will be asked to evaluate the course upon completion.

Instructors:  Professor Miriam Bouzouita, Ghent University, Belgium; Dr. Hannah Gibson, University Essex, UK; and Professor Lutz Marten, SOAS University of London

Course organizers: Tori Larsen and Professor Christer Johansson

Course website:

If you would like to register for the course, please do so using the link to the course website provided above. You will be asked to submit a 300-350 word abstract about your current research when registering. The registration deadline is April 6th, 2020.

There are no fees associated with the course; however, participants must pay for their own travel and accommodation. LingPhil affiliated PhD fellows may apply for travel grants to cover travel expenses when participating in research courses organized by LingPhil. For more information, please visit the LingPhil webpage (

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tori Larsen at