Development of DS-TTR: Satellite event at ESSLLI 2017

As recent work by Arash Eshghi, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Julian Hough and Matt Purver (among others) shows, a new paradigm combining Dynamic Syntax (DS) and Type Theory with Records (TTR) is currently emerging. In order to tie the Formal Approaches to the Dynamics of Linguistic Interaction workshop to current research and to provide insights into pending developments in the field, the workshop organisers have proposed an informal satellite event on DS-TTR. 

After a brief presentation of the current version of DS-TTR by Eshghi and Gregoromichelaki, the session will involve general informal discussions involving current concerns and proposed developments such as the dynamic construction of record types vs current mixture of DS actions and tree structures with TTR decorations; lexical meaning in TTR vs Conceptual Spaces, metalinguistic uses; analysis of case morphologies, speech acts; probabilistic versions of DS-TTR.

Details HERE.