Online Dynamic Syntax Course -- May 2022

Following the success of our online PhD course in May 2021, we are delighted to offer a new online introduction to Dynamic Syntax course.

The course will be hosted by the E-learning platform of the Brazilian Linguistics Association.

All welcome!

Background to the course

This course provides students with a comprehensive and interactive introduction to the Dynamic Syntax theoretical framework (Kempson et al. 2001; Cann et al. 2005). Dynamic Syntax is a formal model of utterance description which aims to capture the real-time parsing and production process. There is a broad consensus that humans process linguistic input incrementally, updating the meaning of the utterance after each word or morpheme. However, the dynamics of this incremental on-line process has traditionally not been reflected in most formal linguistic accounts.

Dynamic Syntax seeks to address this gap by providing a model of the way in which hearers build step-by-step semantic representations (and interpretations) from the information provided by words and morphemes in context. Unlike most formal frameworks, Dynamic Syntax succeeds in modelling the parsing and production process using the same tools and mechanisms. 

Structure of the course

The course combines pre-recorded asynchronous content which participants can look at and work through on their own, as well as synchronous. The live sessions will be interactive and provide an opportunity for discussion and questions, as well as to engage with those working in the framework.

Further information

Register on the Abralin EAD platform: by April 30th 2022